sausage and pickles


spinach dip, walnut butter, za’atar   12

liptauer cheese dip, grilled eggplant, walnut-dill pesto   14

seeded rye & potato breads   4

langos   6

crudités   4

little gems, sprouted lentils, roasted squash, toasted nuts & seeds, russian dressing   16

endive, fermented caroseli squash, tarragon, walnuts, alp blossom cheese,
paprika vinaigrette  

smoked sturgeon, cured salmon, pickled mussels, farmer’s cheese, german potato salad, seeded rye   27

bratwurst, sauerkraut, house mustard   12

blood sausage, lentils, apple butter    12

kielbasa, pickled vegetables   12

scarlet runner bean croquettes, sour plum sauce, cultured cream aioli   16

kasha & potato dumplings, beets, tomato, sauerkraut, cultured cream   15

pork & beef stuffed cabbage, fermented arrowhead, dill, cultured cream    15

chicken & pork jowl meatballs, rye glaze, fennel, garlic anchovy breadcrumbs   16

smoked game hen, grilled chicory,
pomegranate-walnut sauce  

manila clams, green adjika sausage, apple, jalapeño, fennel broth   21

seared black bass, roasted hen of the woods mushrooms, potatoes, sorrel sauce   44                           

smoked new york strip, seared arrowhead
cabbage, rye bread skordalia, carrots, sultanas  

braised lamb neck, merguez sausage, grilled leg, turnips, acorn squash   50

grilled broccoli, crispy sunchoke, fermented espelette chili, kefir green garlic yogurt   8

crispy potatoes, pickled cranberries   6            

lobio, tomatoes, herbs   6

cured red cabbage   6

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness. *Service charge of 5% will be added to all food and beverage sales in response to San Francisco employer mandates.

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